Wine List
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Olives or Almonds   $4.50
Glazed eel with pickled beansprouts and soft boiled quail egg   $3.25
Dashi custard with a salad of lobster, lime & caviar $9.50
Raw Tasmanian sea trout with piccalilli, shichimi, and a three slice pile up $11.50
Monday Meats: house charcuterie served with grilled sourdough and seasonal pickles   $15.00
Grilled mini venison burgers on miso buns with tomato chili jam and shichimi shallot rings   $11.00



Sunchoke and celeriac soup with soy marshmallow and smoked paprika oil   $10.50
Salad of hearby lentils with greend beans, avocado, toasted pecans, baby gem, pomegranate and avocado oil vinaigrette   $11.00
Marinated white anchovies on quinoa croquette with spicy saffron aioli $15.50
Fried New Zealand green-lipped mussels with shiso, sansho pepper, wasabi-yuzu dipping sauce   $15.50
Grilled scallops with sweet chili sauce, creme fraiche and green plantain crisps   $15.50
Pan-seared foie gras with spiced French toast, mango chutney, maple glaze and crispy bacon   $19.00
Grilled Kobe beef tongue with aubergine-cumin relish, pita bread puree   $12.00
Beet gnudi with whipped lemon ricotta and a smoked almond and celery leaf pesto $21.00
Herb crusted cod with Brussels sprout leaves, barley squash risotto and squid ink sauce $28.00
Confit belly and roasted tenderloin of Berkshire pork with salsify, apple puree, sage shortbread and watercress $26.00
Roast lamb sirloin with caper-piquillo pepper salsa, cauliflower puree, braised chard, wheatberry, romanesco and sweetbread salad $28.00
Roast New Zealand venison loin with cabrales dumplings, oyster mushrooms and salsa verde   $29.00
Snail and oxtail ravioli with pickled shitake mushrooms, oven dried tomatoes, pea shoots, smoked paprika oil   $24.50
Selection of Spanish farmstead cheeses (plate of 4 or 6)   $14/$19






The Monday Room chocolates $10.00
Yuzu-lime tart, coconut meringue ice cream, lemongrass sauce $9.00
Spiced apple cobbler with caramelized popcorn and cranberry-rosemary sorbet $9.00
Chocolate espresso cake, butterscotch ice cream with whiskey sabayon $9.00
Hokey pokey ice cream, candied passion fruit sauce, ginger snap $9.00
Sticky toffee pudding, Armagnac ice cream, hot caramel sauce $9.00